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Welcome to Elbroc Mining Products

Mining Products for underground support systems
Elbroc Mining Products (Pty) Ltd is a recognized leading manufacturer and supplier of In-Stope Roof Support Products to the Mining Industry. This Isando based ISO 9001 facility provides patented propriety products with capabilities covering design, development, machining, fabrication, assembly and testing. Mechanical and Hydraulic Props that are used as Sacrificial or Temporary Support along with related accessories forms the core of the business. A Remote Drill Rig, Pre-Stressed Elongate and Grout Pump completes the product range. Equipment is serviced and a full range of replacement parts available. Elbroc's products have application in all mines with Gold, Platinum and Coal being the primary market.

Omni 150 Hydraulic Mining Prop Omni 89 Prop
The Omni 150 sacrificial hydraulic mining prop performs in accordance with the CSIR/NIOSH guidelines for rock burst and rock fall conditions.

The "Sacrificial" Hydraulic Prop that performs in accordance with the COMRO guidelines for rockburst and rockfall conditions.

XT 150 Friction Mining Prop T-PROP - Elbroc Temporary Support Prop
The XT 150 sacrificial friction prop performs in accordance with the CSIR/NIOSH guidelines for rock fall conditions.
A temporary, modular, face support system of various lengths, used in all Development ends and stoping face support.
Elbroc RB 80 Prop System Colossus 450
Elbroc have developed the RB Prop system for use as stope and long wall gold mine support to improve safety and reduce production costs. Elbroc Colossus 450 performs in accordance with guidelines for rock fall conditions.
Steel Sets Remote Drill Rig
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For all your safe, remote, reliable and affordable drilling and roof bolting instillations.
Elbroc 6B Pneumatic Pump High and Low Pressure Air and Hand Grout Pump
The Elbroc 6B pump is reliable and robust, enabling extended period of underground usage. This minimises downtime and reduces maintenance costs.
Prestressing of support packs made simple with the Elbroc "Pack Setting System".


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