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Omni 89 Prop

Sacrificial Mine Support

The "Sacrificial" Hydraulic Prop that performs in accordance with the COMRO guidelines for rockburst and rockfall conditions.

  • 89 mm diameter
  • Covers stoping widths up to 2.0m
  • Controlled yielding
  • Self remote installation
  • Superb energy absorpion

Other Important Information

  • Light, easy & quick to install
  • Constant support resistance
  • Cannot be over extended
  • Resilient in rockburst conditions
  • Can be reinstalled if necessary
  • Standard attachments

Elbroc Mining Products

  • The load can be varied according to rock conditions, as required
  • The Prop can be re-installed if required saving wastage
  • Only pumping required to set

Elbroc Omni 89 Video:

OMNI 89 Prop Installation and Removal in steep dipping conditions by utilising an Installation Brace:

Elbroc Omni 89 Downloads:

Click here to download Omni 89 Brochure (1816KB)

Click here to download Step by Step Installation Procedure (6529KB)

Click here to download Risk Assesment (2775KB)

Click here to download the Timber Headboard Risk Assessment (1974KB)

Click here to download Test Result Graphs (1MB)

When Installing Omni 89, What pump do we use? (3916KB)

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